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One City Action Plan

There are three top goals in the “One City Action Plan:” (1) Grow and Diversify the District Economy; (2) Educate and Prepare the Workforce for the New Economy and (3) Improve the Quality of Life for All.For each goal there are clear strategies and specific actions the Gray administration is taking to achieve results. We have provided key indicators, based on citizen input, to add accountability and to demonstrate how the District will move toward the One City vision.

The One City Vision

One City is the recognition that all District residents, no matter their differences, are bound together by a common destiny and a shared desire to make the city even better for the people who live here. Regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, ward or neighborhood, we all want a vibrant, sustainable city, where all residents have an opportunity to provide for themselves and their families, where every neighborhood is safe, where every student goes to a good school, where every tax dollar is spent wisely on a government that works and where citizens’ voices really count.

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