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Green Jobs & Training

ROMA offers training programs and opportunities to meet the growing demand for “green” professionals skilled within the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry.

ROMA uses its energy measures installation services to build career ladders within the energy field. It provides opportunities for career training and jobs in the areas of energy auditing, energy measures installation, solar installations and inspections.

ROMA creates opportunities for those who are unemployed, underemployed, seeking a trade program, or for those who would simply like to retool and retrain in an effort to change careers. See Table 5 below.

A growing array of certification programs exists that help with green jobs and training, specifically as it relates to energy education, building support & retrofits, and weatherization programs for trained staff. Some of the certification programs geared towards the building construction industry is provided by USGBC (LEED® programs), US EPA (Energy Star®), and the RESNET (Home Energy Rating System®).

Green Jobs & Green Jobs Training

Green Jobs
Green Jobs & Training