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Strategic Partners

ROMA has an extensive list of qualified expert contractors that are ready to fulfill any contract obtained:

  • Installation of Energy Efficiency Measures Partners
  • Policy Planning, Administration & Strategic Partners

The CAMMAY Group
The CAMMAY Group is a full serve advertising, marketing, and public relations agency, providing professional marketing research, advertising, and public and media relations services to governmental agencies, corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations.  Headed by its Chief Operating Officer, Alexis Revis Yeoman, CAMMAY, among several things:

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Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)
The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) is the North American Licensee for the Institute for Sustainable Power Quality (ISPQ) International Standard #01021 for the Accreditation and Certification of Renewable Energy.  As such, IREC is responsible for the full accreditation and certification cycle including processing applications, assigning registered auditors, awarding the credential, and maintaining all records of applicants, candidates and certificates.
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The JPM Group, LLC
The JPM Group, LLC is a Management Consulting and Human Resources group providing consulting and training services to business, government and non-profit organizations for 15 years. The Group is a female and Minority-owned small business that is based in Washington, DC, with over 40 senior consultants throughout the United States.  The firm is qualified as a Small Disadvantaged Business under SBA standards and is a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) in the District of Columbia.
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Landmark Atlantic Holdings
Landmark is a diversified real estate development company headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area that serves the Eastern Seaboard States from New York to Florida.  The company has annual volume/product flow in excess of $100 million. Landmark owns, constructs, manages, develops joint ventures and participates in a multitude of real estate asset classes including, but not limited to, single family residential units, multi-family properties, commercial office buildings, manufactured housing facilities, flex warehouse properties, condominium units, retail product and land development tracts. Two of its companies – Landmark Atlantic Management and Landmark Ventures, LLC (a small business enterprise) – provide general construction services and meter installation services.
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Prosperity Media Enterprise, Inc.
Prosperity Media Enterprise (PME) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) media and arts Community-Based Organization [CBO] located in Washington, DC. PME has worked with organizations that provide reduced-cost utility services to the residents of the District and has created media products that promote energy efficiency.
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RTK Energy Consultants
Ralph T. Knatt has worked as a residential energy conservation specialist for over twenty-five years. He began his career in 1985 working as a weatherization installation technician for “House Docktors”, one of the first energy conservation companies in the Washington, DC metropolitan area to offer new, innovative, cutting-edge, energy efficient technology. In 1987 Mr. Knatt was trained and certified as a residential energy auditor. He worked for the electric utility company, Virginia Power, conducting over 500 energy audits in Northern Virginia. In 1988 he began working for the District of Columbia Energy Office (DCEO) as a weatherization inspector/program specialist. After several years he was promoted to assistant manager and eventually became the program manager for weatherization operations. In 1998 he left the DCEO and started his own energy conservation business providing residential energy audits, weatherization installations, consultations, and training. In 2009 he began working for the United Planning Organization (UPO) as the Director of their Weatherization Training Center. His primary responsibility was to build a state-of-the-art training facility, and implement a series of nationally recognized weatherization training courses. In addition, Mr. Knatt served as the lead instructor/supervisor at the training center, and was responsible for curriculum development and day-to-day management. Mr. Knatt is currently providing weatherization training, quality control, and technical assistance to several organizations in the Washington, DC area.
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Partners for Green Creation, Inc.
Partners for Green Creation, Inc. (PGCI) work in cooperation with ROMA to provide marketable training to youth in green construction and technologies.  The training uses a multi-media, multi-faceted approach to teaching youth about building green from the ground up, conventional construction, retrofitting, and weatherization, along with life skills that will help them manage crises, money and everyday living.

In 2010, PGCI completed a pilot green construction program in partnership with the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services (DOES) and Emory Beacon of Light (EBOL), an established local community development corporation, which used an innovative combination of multi-media, classroom and field training, to introduce youth to sustainable housing, conventional construction, life skills and environmental responsibility.

PGCI is a non-profit organization (501(c) (3) pending). PGCI’s mission is (1) provide marketable training to the next generation in green construction and technologies; (2) educate the public on the urgency to reduce their carbon footprint; and (3) to promote the building of sustainable housing for vulnerable constituencies.

PGCI includes in its training programs a definition of “green” and “green skills” and how individuals can contribute to conservation through learning and implementing these skills.  PGCI’s instructors use webinars, hands-on projects and site visits to reinforce classroom instruction.  Students who complete the program are certified and ready to work.
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Segora Management Group
The capabilities of Segora Management Group include energy audits for building retrofits, energy improvement project management and workforce training for green jobs. Faye Paige Edwards, President of Segora Management Group, is certified by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as an energy auditor. 

In addition to energy audits, Segora streamlines and manages the development and implementation of a cost-effective, energy improvement plan, from the initial energy audit, to post-retrofit verification. They use a building as-a-system approach to manage the pre- and post-energy audit, blower-door testing, health and safety combustion appliance zone testing, computer modeling to generate a cost-savings analysis of recommended energy measures, contractor bid and selection process, work-order generation, contractor job completion and payment, and homeowner rebate and finance services application processes.

Segora has the skills to translate building science and other energy terms from “industry” into “layperson” language to facilitate understanding and application by workforce populations.  They have designed and delivered construction-related training programs, as well as training to improve interpersonal, management and sales skills. The Segora team has extensive management experience in government, corporate and small business environments.
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Installation of Energy Efficiency Measures Partners

Installation of Energy Efficiency Measures Partners -- Felix L. Patterson & Associates (FLP&A)
Felix L. Patterson & Associates is an experienced consulting firm, specializing in energy management, finance and marketing.  The head of the firm, Felix Patterson brings both a broad and an in-depth understanding to a range of energy-related issues that range from developing legislation and policy to implementing, promoting, and evaluating energy efficiency and green energy programs.
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Jerome S. Paige & Associates (JSP&A)
JSP&A is an economic, business, and organizational consulting firm that specializes in energy planning and policy development and focuses on administering, planning, monitoring, and evaluating sustainable energy programs for public and private sector organizations.

JSP&A developed the comprehensive energy plan 2003-2007 for the District of Columbia and the Energy Strategic Plan for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, “powered by energy efficiency—fueled by energy conservation” COG 2006 Energy Strategic Plan. JSP&A has also developed the performance benchmarks for the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU).

JSP&A is certified by The District of Columbia Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) as a local business enterprise, a small business enterprise, and a resident-owned business to provide business energy conservation consulting, government consulting, and project management services, among other services.
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Anacostia Economic Development Corporation
Over the past 40 years, AEDC has placed major emphasis on housing development, commercial revitalization (including small/minority business assistance), job creation and venture development. Throughout the years, AEDC has developed single and multi-family housing, neighborhood retail and office projects and a shopping center to serve residents who live East of the Anacostia River in Washington DC.
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Dr. Mathur
Subodh Mathur is an economist (Ph.D. MIT) with a proven teaching record, strong conceptual and quantitative skills, and wide-ranging international and U.S. policy and operational experience. He has worked for a variety of clients, including the D.C. Public Service Commission, D.C. Department of Environment, D.C. Office of the People’s Counsel, the U.S. Postal Service, and the World Bank. He is currently an adjunct professor at the American University.
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Strategic Partners

Green Policy Planning, Administration, and Strategic Partners