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The idea of energy efficiency is not new, but today it is now very much in vogue because of recent wide fluctuations in oil, gas, and commodity prices, because of the predictions in an upward in these prices, and because people around our country and world fear there may not be enough resources left for future generations.

Think Green!!!

A new sense of urgency has challenged policymakers, producers and consumers to think critically and creatively about ways to save the planet. They are exploring ways to reduce our energy footprint on the environment. Bold moves around the world are trending towards energy efficiency, environmental protection and conservation.

However, the drive to become more energy efficient usually comes at a cost. Whether that cost is a monetary upgrade in infrastructure or a change in current behavior. Decision makers in both public and private organizations are now asking a lot of questions in an effort to understand and address the internal and external effects of energy efficiency measures on their organizations.

These decision makers desire to adopt sustainable energy programs - like solar energy - to help protect the environment and to provide for the current population's needs without damaging the ability of future generations to provide for their needs.

As more and more energy saving programs come to market, policymakers, producers and consumers are finding it difficult to manage the effectiveness of these programs. They seek answers to their questions: Are we implementing the right measures? Are the programs working? How much money did we actually save? What incentives are working best? Are we reaching the right constituents? Are there better programs?

I established ROMA to help government officials, building owners, and homeowners to answer or at least address these and other questions.

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Ralph O. McMillan
Founder & CEO
Ralph O. McMillan & Associates

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