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Ralph O. McMillan & Associates, LLC (ROMA) is an energy efficiency measures identification, implementation and validation firm that administers a wide variety of programs and support services to improve the environmental infrastructure of states, counties, and cities around the country.

A new sense of urgency has challenged policymakers, producers and consumers to think critically and creatively about ways to save the planet. They are exploring ways to reduce our energy footprint on the environment. Bold moves around the world are trending towards energy efficiency, environmental protection and conservation.

"Energy Efficiency Measures" (EEMs) include an array of services like upgrading insulation; improving caulking; replacing a roof, a heating and air conditioning system, windows, doors, and appliances; and installing solar, wind, geothermal, and other renewable energy systems, among other investments. EEMs reduce energy waste and reduce the negative effects of energy use on our climate.

Ralph O. McMillan launched ROMA. Mr. McMillan has over 25 years of experience within the fields of energy efficiency and sustainability. Long before the term 'Go Green', Mr. McMillan was developing programs that improved and enhanced energy conservation while promoting economic growth. Long before the term 'Sustainability', Mr. McMillan was developing programs for energy users that saved money, reduced consumption and protected our environment.

ROMA's expertise lies in the areas of energy efficiency measures identification, implementation and validation. In addition to the vast experience of its founder, ROMA brings together strategic partners that together form a one-stop energy consulting and implementation solution for government, commercial, multi-family and single-family energy users.

Make wise energy choices, thereby saving money; Conserve energy resources, thereby preserving resources for future generations; and Reduce their contribution to climate change, thereby helping to slow global warming.

ROMA believes that all energy users can improve the quality of their environment and stimulate sustainable economic development throughout the District of Columbia, around the country, and all over the world.

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